At Lesters we have a wide variety of excellent quality packaging products. Simply phone, reserve and collect what you need, or if you are unsure of what you require then come in to our self-storage facility to take a look at what we offer. Our friendly staff can advise you on your particular packaging needs.

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DetailSizeCost (excluding VAT)
Small or Book Boxes457 x 305 x 305mm£1.50 each plus VAT
China Boxes457 x 305 x 457mm£1.80 each plus VAT
Large Boxes457 x 457 x 457mm £2.30 each plus VAT
Extra Large Boxes475 x 475 x 712mm £2.90 each plus VAT
Linen Boxes915 x 457 x 350mm£2.90 each plus VAT
Hanging garment or Wardrobe Box-£9.50 each plus VAT
Tape-£1.60 each plus VAT
Bubble Wrap300mm x 100m£11.00 plus VAT
Bubble Wrap500mm x 100m£16.50 plus VAT
Bubble Wrap750mm x 100m£22.00 plus VAT
Single Mattress Cover-£3.50 plus VAT
Kingsize Mattress Cover-£4.00 plus VAT
Packing Paper-£7.00 per ½ pack plus VAT
Price Guide Waver

Lesters reserve the right to amend the prices shown above without notice. In exceptional circumstances the price you are quoted may not be the price published.

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